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“ My father was a resident of the Huntington for nearly three years. The staff both administrative and caregivers, always treated him with respect and caring and they were available and responsive to my questions and concerns. The atmosphere among the residents and staff was convivial. I can honestly recommend the Huntington to others. ”

Nikki Christopher

“ Thank you Huntington! Our mom’s first few days at Huntington were a little rough. Mom missed her home, her yard, and her wonderful neighbors. But after about five days, thankfully, she told us she felt like it was where she belonged. She soon understood the staff at Huntington wants to help her with all her needs…. Large or small. Since that initial orientation, we are delighted to say: not a day has gone by when she hasn’t expressed how wonderful everyone treats her! We never leave from our visits and feel sad, because we know there isn’t a better place to which we could have entrusted her care. The staff is outstanding. We visit often and all we see is a loving, caring, patient and engaged staff… staff that is kind to everybody. They are constantly introducing new ideas to motivate and simulate guests. As her daughters we are grateful our Mom resides at Huntington and we know she feels great about her community. ”

Jo Ann Zar Harper & Kathy Zar Misetich

“ It was scary for my whole family when we first moved my mother to the Huntington after her hip replacement surgery. Now 4 months later we could not be more pleased, happy, satisfied and grateful. The entire experience has been amazing. The staff is helpful, energetic and full of warmth and hospitality. My mother has discovered a new lease on life and my family is so relieved to be here. Thanks to everyone. ”

David DeMiranda

“ My dad became a resident at the Huntington in spring 2012, I sometimes wish his move had been sooner. I’ve yet to meet a member of the staff that is anything less than welcoming, friendly, and helpful. I visit often and when anyone enters his room, I’ve only witnessed patience, kindness, and genuine caring. Respect and dignity toward my aging father is important; he’s been an outstanding guy throughout his life.

It’s also so great to see him paired up with great folks at mealtime; he really enjoys the company. One of the folks he sits with grew up in the same general area of New York and they’re both veterans – Air Force guys. It seems that there are many opportunities to be involved in activities and little outings and that they try to have something for everyone. Besides all this, the facility is always spotless and what a decorating crew they have for all the holidays!

Thanks Huntington for your love and caring that is evident in so many ways. ”

Chris Robbins

“ My mother, Jean Colaluca, has lived at the Huntington Retirement Hotel since 2001. During those years, she has been cared for with gentleness, regarded with dignity, and assisted with her activities of daily living with thoughtfulness and respect. A longtime resident of Torrance, she thinks of the Huntington fondly as “home”. At ninety-five years young, she’s optimistically looking forward to becoming a centenarian. I believe she has a good chance of reaching her goal, due in large part to the wonderful care she receives from the administration and staff at the Huntington Retirement Hotel. ”

Paul Colaluca