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9 March 2023,

“ Thank you Huntington! Our mom’s first few days at Huntington were a little rough. Mom missed her home, her yard, and her wonderful neighbors. But after about five days, thankfully, she told us she felt like it was where she belonged. She soon understood the staff at Huntington wants to help her with all her needs…. Large or small. Since that initial orientation, we are delighted to say: not a day has gone by when she hasn’t expressed how wonderful everyone treats her! We never leave from our visits and feel sad, because we know there isn’t a better place to which we could have entrusted her care. The staff is outstanding. We visit often and all we see is a loving, caring, patient and engaged staff… staff that is kind to everybody. They are constantly introducing new ideas to motivate and simulate guests. As her daughters we are grateful our Mom resides at Huntington and we know she feels great about her community. ”